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Bantry Town Council abolished

On the stroke of midnight on 31 May 2014 Bantry Town Council, like so many others, was abolished.  From its beginning in the town in August 1896 the elected Body in Bantry was known as Bantry Town Commissioners.  In January 2002 the name changed to Bantry Town Council.  This was because nationally former Town Commissioners and Urban District Councils were to be called Town Councils.  So the elected Body in Bantry was called Bantry Town Council – but today it is gone !! – just like its neighbours Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Bandon, Passage West , etc

Bantry Town Commissioners / Bantry Town Council 1896 – 2014

Below is the Introduction taken from the 60 page Summary of the Minutes of Bantry Town Commissioners / Bantry Town Council over its 118 year lifespan. To read the full summary of the Minutes then please CLICK HERE.


I was Town Engineer in Bantry from March 1987 to May 2009. When I realised that the Town Council would cease to exist after 31 May 2014 I volunteered to do a quick summary of the Minutes of the Town Commissioners / Town Council over the 118 year lifespan. My compilation is a brief summary, from the Minutes, of the work of the public representatives.
I have endeavoured, as much as possible, to use text from the Minutes and avoid colouring any part of my summary with my own impressions.        Continue reading