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Birth date v. Baptism date

One would expect that the baptism date of a child would be on or most likely after the birth date.  Not what you will find always in these records in Ireland after State Records began in 1864 and indeed up to the early 1900′s.

It was normal in that era that a Catholic child was baptised within a day or two of being born and indeed if the birth was early then the baptism may take place that day. It is not uncommon to find a significant difference between a birth date on the State Register and the Baptism date in the Church Baptism Register. The baptism date could predate the birth date on the State Record by several weeks.  One notes in the State record that the birth was often registered several weeks after the stated birth date.  I tend to take the baptism date as being the more reliable. The child, Timothy on   http://bmdnotices.com/remembrance…/viewremembrance.aspx…   has a baptism date of 23 Aug 1868 and a birth date on the State Register as 17 Oct 1868.

Ireland Census 1926

There has been an expectation that the data of the Irish Census 1926 will be released in 2016, ten years ahead of the 100 year deadline.  Under current Irish legislation, (the Statistics Act, 1993), census data must be withheld for 100 years.  A huge amount of work will be required to digitise the data and this has not been undertaken yet.  Unfortunately for many researchers the data release is not scheduled for 2016 or soon after.

Donovans in Reavouler, Drinagh in Griffith’s Valuation

These are the Donovan people listed in the townland of Reavouler, Drinagh, Co. Cork in Griffith’s Valuation. Their respective Plot References are shown in brackets and the first names are shown on the extract of the map herewith taken from Griffith’s Valuation.

  • Denis Donovan (4a)
  • Denis Donovan (4b)
  • Denis Donovan (5)
  • Timothy Donovan (6 a, b, c)
  • Timothy Donovan (8)
  • James Donovan (9)
  • James Donovan (15)
  • John Donovan (16 a, b)
  • Bartholomew Donovan (16b)
  • John Donovan (17a)
  • James Donovan (17a)
  • James Donovan (17b)
  • Michael Donovan (18)

Reavouler Donovan in Griffiths

Census 1901 and 1911 in Ireland – Townland spellings

Ireland has 32 County divisions. These are further sub-divided and a Barony is the largest sub-division which itself has a number of sub-divisions called Civil Parish (Parish) units. The Poor Law Union (PLU or Union) is another division of the Country into about 160 units which does cross County boundary lines at times. The District Electoral Division (DED) is a sub-division of the PLU. Finally the Townland is the smallest unit or parcel of land in Ireland. There are over 65,000 Townlands with names often being repeated, even within a County, but not in the same DED of course.
Frequently there is a difference in spelling of District Electoral Division (DED) names between the 1901 and 1911 Census data in Ireland. Also there are variations in the spelling of Townland names between the 1901 and 1911 Census data.
This section of our website shows the respective spellings for each Census -